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Medical School: What are the best books for MBBS 1st year?

I am a 1st year MBBS student in Medical College and Hospital Kolkata After passing my second semester of 1st year MBBS, I am sharing my experience. Initially I have came across a lot of books and finally I think that these books better suits me. In my opinion,the best book for you depends on you and your reading style. Here I am telling about that books only which I like to study along with my online sources. ANATOMY Gross Anatomy BD Chaurasia and Vishram Singh both are very good books. But in VS the contents are given more pointwise and in a more attractive way,and the diagrams are more easy to understand in VS, which attracts me more to study VS,so I prefer VS over BDC for my studies. Personally I don't use any YouTube videos for gross anatomy but I follow MARROW lectures for gross anatomy. Many ones told me that MARROW anatomy was not good enough but personally I like that videos very much and before viva,MARROW Notes are the saviours for me. Embryology Though initially I studied this from IB singh, but I didn't like this subject I don't know why. Later I studied from Vishram Singh, but according to me The best book is YOGESH SONTAKKE, the diagrams and flow charts are easy to understand that's why I love this book. But obviously LANGMAN is always best but I never touched that as I am afraid of that book,I don't know why but I am Btw I will prefer YouTube videos of Life in a Womb:Dr Rose ma'am's videos, these really helped a lot. Histolgy I had bought IB SINGH'S histology,but I never opened that. Actually on practical classes I captured the slides and through practical copy notes and from WAVE NOTES, I prepare my histology. I don't watch any YouTube videos for Histology but initially saw MARROW LECTURES that were helpful. Osteology I prefer VS for osteology over Samar Mitra. But the YouTube videos are gem according to me for osteology. Viren Kariya Best for Osteology Mitesh Dave For Osteology and Viscera Viva Voce of anatomy Dissection, osteology, Viscera General Anatomy I have studied this from AK DUTTA, but I have heard from my seniors and friends that Vishram Singh is best for General Anatomy. Edit :ATLAS I have NETTET'S ATLAS original book but I will tell you to try THIEME'S ATLAS, I have pdf of this book,and according to me This is the best Atlas. BIOCHEMISTRY First of all I love MARROW Lectures for Biochemistry the most. Dr Rebecca James ma'am is just awesome. And also love the beautiful notes of MARROW, saviour before viva exam night. Dr Rajesh Jambhulkar is also great in YouTube, and very easy to understand. Personally I use the combination of LIPPINCOTT & VASUDEVAN, which I like very much. But, HARPER IS BEST, but I am very much afraid to study that book,as I think that book will be very much tough. And last but not the least, I am a great fan of SELF ASSESMENT AND REVIEW OF BIOCHEMISTRY by DR. REBECCA JAMES. PHYSIOLOGY Everyone tell that Physiology is very easy, but I don't know why I don't like this subject very much, I think my study plan was responsible for this as I was not stick to a single book. I started my studies with GUYTON, then GANONG, then again GUYTON, and finally A book written by DR DEBASIS PARAMANIK sir. At present, I see a MARROW LECTURE:BY DR KRISHNA KUMAR (I am a huge fan of SIR'S)HIS TEACHING METHOD IS JUST AWESOME. Then I study DP BOOK. But according to me, GUYTON is the best book for physiology,and I also should stick to this book which I had not done . And for practicals, I prefer SK SIR'S NOTES, and CL Ghai And videos of Dr Hardik Mistry sir on YouTube,these are the best for physiology practical. I am also a first year student and I have just shared my experience. Thanks for Studying Do upvote please

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